Will anyone really wear fake rolex's new Deep Sea Challenger?

Fake rolex released a new watch without warning.This ground-breaking release also brought what can be called a'ground-breaking'work,a new and unprecedented Oyster Perpetual Deepsea Challenge(Oyster Perpetual Deepsea Challenge)watch.

The Deep Sea Challenge launched by fake rolex this time is inspired replica watches uk by the experimental watch worn by Cameron in 2012.Although the use of new materials solves some problems that experimental watches are not suitable for wearing,its diameter is still as high as 50 mm,and its thickness exceeds 20 mm,reaching 23 mm.I believe that anyone who sees this data will ask a question:Does anyone really wear such a watch?

But then again,Rolex launched this deep-sea challenge watch.In addition to showing off its skills,it also really solves some very practical problems sincerely.For example,the original 2012 experimental watch was made of 904L steel,but this time the new model is made of grade 5 titanium alloy-RLX titanium,which is also the first all-titanium watch of replica rolex.

Titanium metal is not only more skin-friendly,but also lighter in weight.Compared with the experimental watch carried by James Cameron in 2012 when he explored diving,the weight of the new replica watches is significantly reduced by 30%.However,although Rolex claims that it is"suitable for daily use",it is undeniable that its actual weight is 251 grams.How does it feel to wear half a catty on your wrist?Everyone may feel differently.

In order to achieve this waterproof performance,the watch adopts a one-piece middle case,screw-in bottom cover and winding crown;it is equipped with a nitrogen alloy steel ring with a Rolex Ringlock system case structure and a helium exhaust valve.This reinforced case structure consists of three parts:a thicker domed sapphire crystal mirror,a nitrogen alloy steel pressure ring,and an RLX titanium bottom cover.In fact, fake rolex simulated the pressure at a depth of 13,750 meters(45,112 feet)during the test.In order to test the waterproof performance of each Deep Sea Challenge watch,fake rolex worked closely with Comex to build a special hyperbaric chamber.

The replica watches is equipped with a Rolex 3230 movement,with an average of plus or minus two seconds per day(after the movement is installed in the case),and a power reserve of 70 hours.It has been certified by the Superlative Observatory for precision timepieces.The bottom cover is engraved with the words"Mariana Trench"and the two dates"23-01-1960"and"26-03-2012".The new Deep Sea Challenger is paired with an Oyster bracelet made of RLX titanium,a folding Oyster safety clasp with a Rolex Glidelock extension system.